Sunday, July 25, 2010

Windy Hill

Maple Leaf
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I went hiking at the Windy Hill Open Space Preserve on the other side of the bay today. The weather was a bit toasty, but fortunately much of the trail was under a tall canopy of trees, which offered a lot of shade. Also, as the preserve's name implies, there was a fair amount of wind, once we hit the ridge.

In addition to some great exercise and fresh air, I also got to take a few pictures. The challenge with going hiking with non-photographers is being able to take the time necessary to compose and review shots, without feeling rushed by the rest of the group. Fortunately, there were a couple photogs on the hike, one being my brother and the other being this girl from SF. So, we hung back, grabbed some photos, and probably left the rest of the group wondering where the heck we were.

I was contemplating starting a photo-hiking group, with the emphasis on photography. It would be nice to have a group of like-minded individuals, having a great time in the outdoors, but also taking time to enjoy the journey and snapping a few photos. I'll have to think about it more.....

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