Monday, July 12, 2010

In the Kitchen

108/365 - Kitchen Flower
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The theme for my photo project this week is "In the Kitchen." Personally, I think my wife called the folks responsible for selecting the theme and paid them under the table to create this theme. You see, the wife and kids are out of town all summer and I'm sure she's wondering what the kitchen looks like...well, unless she installed a secret kitchen-cam. Honey, rest assured, the kitchen is much so, I need to wear my sunglasses in the house! The fact that I'll be shooting tightly cropped macros this week is purely a coincidence.

This is the wife's plant in the kitchen by the window. I shot it from down below to avoid the backlighting from the window and to get a nice dark background to contrast the white flower.

After a fun-filled weekend on the beautiful Sacramento River, I returned to and a barren refrigerator. I finished the last of the venison curry for lunch today. It wasn't in my list of top ten dishes, but I added peanuts to it to add some texture and variety.

I used the venison bones to make a stock today. There was about a quarter pound of dried black beans in the pantry, so I cooked it in stock, along with some shallots, garlic, oregano, cumin, black pepper, and the last dried New Mexico chile. That will be my nutrition for the next couple of days. To supplement the beans, I made some Minute Rice, leftover from my backpacking trip. Let me just say Minute Rice tastes a lot better in the wilderness....

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