Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shadow Cliffs

Purrrr-ty Cattails
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I feel like my photography has been in a rut lately. The 365, photo a day project takes so much time, I sometimes find myself grabbing a quick shot to get it done...rather than taking a photo with my heart and soul in it. The themes for the last two weeks have been "In the kitchen" and "What's in your refrigerator?".....and I've been lazy, staying mainly indoors, taking relatively quick, not very well thought out, snapshots.

I decided to break out of it today. I've been wanting to take some photos at Shadow Cliffs, a local lake managed by the East Bay Regional Park District....but have been too lazy and too cheap. I'm too cheap to pay the $6 parking fee...and too lazy to ride my bicycle over there. Well, laziness prevailed and I drove over there and paid my six bucks....and it was worth it. I had a great time walking around, taking pictures in the beautiful afternoon light, and relaxing in the warm, but comfortable, summer weather.

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