Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tennessee Squire

I took a million photos "in the kitchen" today for my photography project...the dish cloth, inside the fridge, the stove, various kitchen tools, the faucet, and even the kitchen sink. They all stunk! I finally decided to take a picture of my good friend, Jack. I'm actually a member of the Jack Daniels Tennessee Squire Association. They send me a calendar and letters every year. As a loyal Tennessee squire, I try to buy a bottle of Jack every so often.

I got tired of dry cereal for breakfast, so I defrosted some of that milk I stored away in the freezer. Milk turns a yellowish color when frozen and I expected it taste pretty disgusting when I defrosted it, but it turned back to white and actually tasted pretty good. Perhaps because I was eating corn flakes for breakfast. Corn flakes has got to be the nastiest cereal ever created....well, right after grape nuts. I guess they make wine out of the girl grapes and cereal out of the boy grapes?? Okay, never mind....

I had my venison beans for lunch and dinner today. The venison added a touch of gaminess to the beans, in a good way. For dinner, I spiced it up with some Tabasco, which was very nice. I have enough beans and rice for one more meal and need to come up with something new.

I found some moldy cheddar cheese in the fridge. I sliced off the green stuff, but I'll have to eat it soon before it grows back. Trying to decide if I should eat it with crackers.....or try to melt it into a macaroni and cheese....or a mac and cheese and tuna casserole? I'll have to see how I feel later.

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