Tuesday, August 31, 2010


158/365 - Speed Racer
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Today was a rough day. My colleague is on vacation this week and I'm covering for her. Unfortunately, it's an extremely busy week....I blinked and ten action items arrived in my e-mail inbox! To make matters worse, four people from my group got laid off today. The corporate integration is beginning....

Needless to say, I was not in the mood to take pictures today. I took a couple quick snaps of the tread from the truck's tire and was going to title it, "I'm Tired!" Okay, that was lame...so, I crawled out of my bad mood and was determined to create a quality image. One of the topics of discussion in my photo group is shooting with a vision....actually thinking about the image, mood, etc. before you press the shutter release....then use the appropriate lighting, camera settings, post-processing, etc. to fulfill that vision.

For this shot, I walked into the dark garage and noticed the light coming through the garage door and loved how it reflected off the car. My vision was to create a dramatic shot using the light, reflections, and shadows. I don't think it came out half bad! I'm glad I washed my car this past weekend.....

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