Sunday, August 8, 2010

Celebrating Life

136/365 - Celebrating Life
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Mix a little family, a little friends, a little love, and a lot of tequila...and you get a ton of crazy fun! From what I've experienced, the Filipinos are extremely fun loving people. I don't understand Tagalog (well, except for body parts and cuss words), but Bud Light and tequila bring us all together, helping bridge the gap between differing cultures, backgrounds, and languages.

This is a photo of my brother in-law, JR (on the right) and his friend Chris, dancing the night away. We were just chilling outside, drinking, eating, listening to music from an iPod, and enjoying the company.

If you're ever in Guam and need some cheap entertanment, stop by and visit my brother in-law....they have free entertainment nightly...and he may even cut you a deal on a commercial washer or dryer!

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