Thursday, August 5, 2010


Tidal Water
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Guam is the perfect place to vacation if you need to relax and recharge the batteries. Aside from a K-Mart and a couple of small shopping malls, there isn't much to do for family fun...except go to the beach. Okay, let me clarify, there isn't a lot of CHEAP stuff to do except go to the beach. The weather during the summer is hot and humid, so the beach is always a welcome place to cool off and beat the heat.

This is a photo taken at Inarajan Beach. I used a circular polarizing filter to increase the contrast of the clouds in the sky, cut a little glare off the water, and increase overall color saturation.

I really needed a wide angle lens to capture the beauty at Inarajan Beach today. Unfortunately, I made a boneheaded decision to leave it at home in California. With all of the family commitments in Guam, I didn't expect to have opportunities to take many scenic photos. Oh well, I was obviously wrong....

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