Friday, August 20, 2010

Liquid Stupidity

United Airlines
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I've been spending a fair amount of time on airplanes lately. A week after returning from Guam, I had to travel to Dallas for business. Three time zones in one week and my body was totally confused. Waking up in Dallas at 5:30 AM was rough...or was it 3:30 AM Pacific...or was it 8:30 PM Guam time?

Since I'm working on my 365 "photo a day" project, I carry my camera all the time, including on business trips. I'm actually used to getting strange looks from my colleagues, especially when I go to dinner with my camera around my neck.

Here's a picture from the window of the airplane at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. Ignore all the spots in the sky....they are from my dirty DSLR sensor. My camera had a few specks of dust on the sensor. I'd been meaning to buy a blower to clean the sensor, but didn't get around to it. One night, after a few glasses of liquid courage (or liquid stupidity), I decided to blow the dust off the sensor....and ended up getting some saliva on the sensor. Not good! I then had the brilliant idea to swab the sensor with a Q-Tip soaked with rubbing alcohol. Not good! So instead of a two specks, I have an entire constellation of specks on the sensor. I finally ordered proper sensor cleaning swabs and solution. I'm fairly confident I will be able to clean the sensor....otherwise, perhaps a Nikon D700 is in my future....just kidding, dear!

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