Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Working Out

The boy is playing AAU basketball this fall. Instead of paying $100 for two months at the gym, he's working out "old school" style. No, I'm not talking about Rocky Balboa chasing chickens around. He dusted off our Olympic weight set in the garage and is lifting free weights three times a week with his friends and jogging a couple times a week.

Of course, my car is parked in the garage and is in close proximity to the weights. He's very aware of this...and he tells his friends to not scratch the car as they walk by "or his dad will kill them." His friends must think I'm psycho! Quite honestly, I wouldn't kill them....although torture is not out of the question....

Anyway, he asks us to move the car out of the garage when they are working kid. For my photo of the day, I walked out to the street and decided to shoot the reflections in the roof.

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