Friday, August 6, 2010


133/365 - Mozzie Repellant
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My brother in-law took over his late father's commercial washer and dryer distributorship last year. I helped him install three double-stack commercial dryers today in a laundromat in Yigo. We removed three old machines, modified the duct work, and installed the new machines. The install went pretty well and I learned a bit about dryers.

This brought back fond memories of my trip to Guam last year. When my father in-law passed away, he had just received shipment of a huge load of Maytag commercial washing machines. Upon our arrival in Guam, my brother in-law and I spent a day unloading sixty washing machines from a 20 foot trailer. We then spent several days installing dozens of these machines in local laundromats. I learned a lot about washing machines last year.

Anyway, I'm supposed to be going out tonight with my brother in-law, his cousins, and his friends. But, I'm dead tired and hope to wimp I'm hiding in the air conditioned room, keeping low and cool, and planning on sleeping soon.

Not much time for photography today (the install went from 8 AM to 5 PM). Here's a quick shot of Kami fanning the mosquito repellant. We have a rosary ceremony every night and it's held outdoors. The kids light the mosquito repellant to keep the bugs away. Not the best photo, but I was too tired to spend much time on it today. Maybe tomorrow....TTFN.

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