Friday, October 1, 2010

Sk8r Boi

Originally uploaded by Wayne-K
It's been a rough week at work and I was pretty tired when I got home today. After laying around for an hour or so, I decided I needed to get off my butt and get energized. I grabbed my camera and headed to the skateboard park at the Pleasanton Sports Park.

I dressed like a bum (well, my usual t-shirt and shorts) and wore my baseball cap backwards to blend in with the teenagers. I used my wide-angle lens and put the hood on it. I figured a lens with a hood looks like a pro photographer, because casual photographers rarely use the all-important hood. After observing the skateboarders for about fifteen minutes, I walked up and asked if they would mind me grabbing a few shots. I got up close in the middle of the action and fired away. I just made believe I knew what I was doing. One of the guys warned me the white box would come flying if they hit it. I told him to just come right at me and I'll shoot away. I had a ton of fun shooting the skateboarders today. They were really cool and kept doing their tricks, while I fired away.

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