Monday, October 11, 2010

The Sunday Paper

Sleeping In
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There is something relaxing about reading the Sunday newspaper in the morning, drinking a nice cup of coffee, scanning the sports scores, and reviewing the local activities and events. I always enjoyed looking through the coupons and advertisements…for things I didn’t need but was interested in looking at anyway. We no longer get the newspaper….all the sports, news, weather, fishing report, and so on can be read on the Internet.

Although a number of newspaper publishers have closed their doors, there are people who apparently still enjoy the Sunday funnies. As I walked around the neighborhood on Sunday, I noticed quite a few newspapers on driveways. The Sunday newspaper readers are probably the same people who use a typewriter for business correspondence, mail letters to their friends, read hardcover books, shop at Sears and JC Penny, and feed their pet dinosaurs brontosaurus burgers.

The one thing I do miss about getting the newspaper is the large stacks of old papers that accumulated in the garage. It came in very handy, for drop cloths when painting, changing the oil in the car, and making cool pirate hats. Fortunately, I don’t do these things anymore either….

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