Thursday, October 7, 2010

Broadening One's Horizons

Since giving up my 18-200mm lens, I no longer have a long telephoto capability and have been shooting my 35mm f/1.8 lens the vast majority of the time. I love the creative control I have with the f/1.8 because I can get a really shallow depth of field. The downside of shooting my much loved 35mm lens all the time is I'm slowly becoming a one trick pony.

I've been focusing the last few weeks on broadening my horizons. I'm trying new techniques and shooting new subject matter. For example, I rarely do sports/action photography, but last week I had a blast shooting the skateboarders at the sports park. Additionally, I'm not a macro photographer, but I've been shooting a lot of close ups, including tree sap, grass, and flowers. I've actually been shooting quite a bit of much so, I feel my "man card" is dangerously close to being revoked!

For today's wide angle shot, I decided to take a picture of the tools in the garage. The garage is a man's domain and what's more manly than tools?

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