Monday, October 4, 2010

Going Wide

192/365 - This Is My House!
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It's basketball season again! Well, not quite, but Kevin's playing basketball year round with the AAU.

The theme for my photography project this week is "wide angle." My wide angle lens is by far my favorite backpacking lens. I wish it were a bit faster (larger max aperture) so I could have more creative control over the depth of field...but for landscapes, it can't be beat!

The key to using a wide angle lens is to find an interesting foreground object and an interesting background, then get really close to the interesting foreground object (literally inches to a foot away). This really gives depth to the shot. For example, a flower in the foreground and a mountain range in the background.

The vast majority of the images created with my wide angle lens are landscapes. For today's shot I decided to try something new...before my Nikon 12-24mm f/4 lens turned into a one trick pony. I interrupted Kevin's homework and dragged him to the park while there was still light outside. I had him palm the ball and stick it straight into the lens. This helped give the shot depth, with the ball in the foreground, Kevin in the middle ground (sort of) and the basketball hoop in the background (and the great sky).

I hope to try out a few more different "non-landscape" shots this week...

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