Wednesday, September 29, 2010


187/365 - Sea Anemone
Originally uploaded by Wayne-K
I've been taking a lot of close-up shots lately, especially of flowers. I don't own a macro lens, so my "macro" shots are really cropped photos using my 35mm or 50mm lenses. I don't consider myself a macro photographer, but I've been having fun capturing the intricate details in the flowers, tree sap, etc. Perhaps I'll need to get a macro lens someday....but probably not anytime soon. President Obama already sent me a personal thank you note for doing my part to stimulate the economy this year. No more lenses this year...well, unless I get the cheap 55-200mm. We'll have to see how this job goes first. I'm not thrilled with the culture and mentality at Ericsson...but I'll keep those thoughts to myself.

I was in a foul mood today and decided to clear my head with a walk around town. I walked to Orloff Park....but it was so hot, there wasn't much activity going on. On the walk home, I came across this interesting looking weed, with a purple, sea anemone looking flower. I decided to take a few snaps of it.....

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