Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Personal Growth

Growth is an ongoing process. One thing that has helped accelerate my growth as a photographer is the sharing of ideas with other photographers. I'm a member of an informal, virtual "book club" with a couple other Flickr members. Through them, I've learned a lot and feel like I've had exponential growth in the last few months.

Today, we had a fun exercise. Each of us took one picture and sent the file to the other two. All three of us then processed the three photos using Adobe Lightroom 3 software and then posted it for review. It was interesting to see how three different people took three different approaches to processing the same photo.

Each of us has our own photographic style so it was pretty cool to be able to process another photographer's work. The differences in style also made it a challenge (and a great growth opportunity) because it made us process an image that was captured in a way that was different than we would normally capture it.

Here's my shot. It was a quick shot taken during lunch (in contrasty, noon-time light). It was intended for our fun post-processing activity...but I liked the result so much, I ended up using it as my shot for the day.

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