Saturday, October 9, 2010

Watching Over the Children

This fountain is in front of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Pleasanton, CA. I love the scene of the children in the sculpture and have been wanting to photograph it for a while (this was actually the fourth time I've photographed it this year).

The challenge with this sculpture is its cavernous shape, it always creates a contrasty scene with lots of shadows. I decided to take a close up shot of the children, eliminating the top portion of the sculpture. My objective was to focus the viewer's eyes to the children. The shadows in background section of the sculpture created contrast and helped direct the attention to the children. I liked how the girl (in the top left corner) was looking over the children and framed and processed the photo to capture her subtle presence. After multiple visits to photograph the sculpture this year, this is my favorite far.

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