Friday, September 24, 2010

TGIF Again!

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I've been dragging this week, like a tired, old dog. If you can't see the bags under my eyes, just look at my photos. Tired me usually means uninspired photos.

But, boy was I excited yesterday. I remember taking pictures at the Arroyo De La Laguna with my buddy Elmer fifteen or so years ago. Back then I had my 35mm film camera, so for each frame, I used to log the shutter speed, f-stop, and focal length on this little log sheet I created. Today's digital camera logs all that info in the EXIF data....pretty amazing! Unfortunately, on my photo shoot yesterday, I left my tripod at home. I was thinking the creek was going to be dry since it's so late in the year, but as luck would have it, the creek was flowing nicely...and I was up the creek without a tripod. I used a slow shutter speed to blur the water, but without a tripod, it also left the background soft.

I was jazzed this morning....I was going to return to the bridge after work, take some pictures of the graffiti under the bridge for today's bridge shot....and reshoot the creek with my tripod. Then lunch time rolled around, then one o'clock, then two o'clock, then three o'clock, then four o'clock....and then I was comatose and ready for a nap.

So, I wandered around aimlessly with my camera. I even took a picture of the pizza box...yes, the old lady was as inspired about cooking as I was about photography. I finally decided to shoot these flowers. Anyway, I'm going to bed early tonight....busy weekend coming up. I have a Boy Scout service project tomorrow, doing some trail work at the Rancho Los Mochos scout camp. On Sunday, we're doing a breast cancer walk in San Francisco. I hope to get some cool pictures this weekend. Stay tuned....

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