Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

I find it interesting that we recognize Labor Day by not working. It's like celebrating Christmas without Christ...or forgetting Memorial Day.

Nonetheless, I started my Labor Day at 6 AM....getting ready for an early morning hike at the Morgan Territory Regional Preserve, north of Livermore, CA. A friend picked me and my brother up at 7 AM and we hit the trail by 7:30 AM. Within minutes, we came across this pond...with the early morning sun lighting up the hill in the background. My vision was to capture the nicely lit hill and its reflection in the water. I also liked the curves in the bank and used it to add interest to the foreground.

The bad thing about sunrise is the light looks beautiful early...then steadily gets worse. The incredible orange, morning light quickly disappeared, depriving subsequent photographs of her glorious warmth.

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