Saturday, February 25, 2012

Walk Around Pleasanton

Spring Blossoms in Winter by Wayne-K
Spring Blossoms in Winter, a photo by Wayne-K on Flickr.

Paisley and I had a nice walk around Pleasanton last weekend. After shooting a season of high school basketball, I had the urge to get back outside for a relaxing walk with my dog and my FM2. The weather was wonderful and we both enjoyed the day outdoors.

As we approached the downtown section of Main Street, I bumped into a nice lady shooting a digital point and shoot camera. There was a group of photographers across the street and I asked her if they were part of a camera club. No, they were part of a photography class from Las Positas College, presumably an adult education class. The instructor either worked for or assisted Ansel Adams (I don't remember). I found that interesting, as I am currently reading Ansel Adams' autobiography. It must have been an incredible experience, working with one of the masters in American photography. The lady and I spoke for a few minutes about light, 365 projects, and other photography related topics. I finally bid her farewell and let her get back to her class.

I continued my walk downtown, turned around at the end of the block, and walked back. I ran into the photography group and the instructor, noticing my camera, asked what I shot. He was visibly surprised it was a film camera. I was actually surprised at his reaction, especially given he must have been surrounded with film cameras during his time with Ansel Adams. Perhaps he was surprised anyone shot film anymore.

Having shot film for over fifteen years, I don't think twice about running a roll of thirty six frames through my camera. It is clear, however, that digital has quickly become the norm. In fact, I suspect a growing majority of today's photographers and photography enthusiasts have only shot the digital medium.

Fortunately, Paisley didn't seem to care whether I shot digital or film and we continued our leisurely walk home. It was a great day for a walk around Pleasanton.


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  1. What a great walk you had. It's so cool to just get out and about, visit with people and learn just a little bit about the lives of other people around us. I really love the "Bonjour" photo and the antiquated yet homey feeling of it. Great photo's from a great walk.