Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Proof They are Still Alive

Proof They are Still Alive by Wayne-K
Proof They are Still Alive, a photo by Wayne-K on Flickr.

I have the utmost respect for single parents because it's hard work! Mia left to visit her mother last week and left the kids in my semi-capable hands. It's only been a week and I think things are going great! The kids are fed reasonably well, they are clothed when they go to school in the morning, and they still have all their limbs and fingers. Just don't ask me how the kitchen looks! Don't worry dear, the house will be as clean as a whistle when you get home.

About the photo: I envisioned a high contrast, low quality, grainy, B&W photo of two distressed looking kids...sort of like the pictures of hostages, where the captors include the current newspaper in the photo as proof that the hostages were alive as of that date. I converted the color image to B&W, increased the contrast, sharpened, did no noise reduction (to retain the noise/graininess), and increased the grain size. Fortunately, the kids had lots of homework today and were extremely annoyed when I dragged them out of their rooms for a photo.....they didn't need to "act" distressed and unhappy, because they "were" distressed and unhappy!

I love photography because it gives me an avenue to channel my creativity. I often torture my kids....I mean, include them in the fun. But they are always good sports, even when they have no idea what I'm laughing about.

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