Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photo Fair

Kevin by Wayne-K
Kevin, a photo by Wayne-K on Flickr.

I went to a Photo Fair yesterday with my brother and cousin. It was basically an indoor swap meet, with vendors selling primarily used camera gear. There was a great selection of film and vintage cameras. I found a nice Olympus 35RC, but the vendor was asking $200 for it (I would have paid $50). I considered purchasing a second Nikon FM2 body, so I could shoot one with color film and the other with B&W. One problem with shooting film is one is stuck with one type of film for 36 frames. But, I decided to save my money and left the show empty handed.

My brother was marginally interested in the show. He was more interested in eating at all the great Vietnamese places down in San Jose. We had great pho at one place and then drove to another place for bun bo hue. I'm not accustomed to eating two back to back lunches, so I passed on the bun bo hue. After lunch number two, we checked out a Vietnamese New Year festival. It was $6 per person...and not nearly as interesting as the $5 per person photo fair. We finished the day by having iced coffee at a Vietnamese coffee shop. Very interesting and culturally enlightening....

Here are some random photos. The Vietnamese New Year photo was taken in San Francisco a few weeks ago. The San Jose celebration was similar, except warmer and more expensive ($6/person).

Future Softball Player

Happy Vietnamese New Year


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