Monday, June 28, 2010

The Mother Lode

94/365 - College Staple
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I forgot I’m leaving for my backpacking trip on Thursday night, so I’d best use up my supply of fresh vegetables before they go bad. I threw the pasta sauce I made last night into the freezer….I’ll have pasta some other week. During my lunch break today, I browned the hamburger with garlic and half an onion, and then added water, one of those Mexican chicken bouillon cubes, carrots, and the diced potato. This stew should get me through the week.

While digging through the pantry today, I found the mother lode....a stash of instant ramen! I planned on eating tuna and crackers for lunch, but had ramen instead. That allows me to save the remaining can of tuna for a future meal. I have cheese, elbow macaroni, milk, and canned corn….so perhaps I can make a tuna casserole. The date on the milk is 6/25, so I put three Tupperware containers worth into the freezer (about one liter total). We have three tubs of ice cream taking up valuable real estate in the freezer, so I don’t have space for more milk. Oh well, no use crying over frozen milk…

Good news is I have a lot of protein. I came across some frozen hot dogs and a can of spam….so I should have some awesome meals down the road. Also have flat iron steaks, venison, beef liver, trout, and something that looks like pork or chicken….all safely frozen for future consumption.

Okay, enough about food…’s getting me hungry! On a side note, it’s hotter than a dog again today! I showered last night after midnight because any sooner, I would have sweated to death. Today, I finally gave in and turned on the AC…just don’t tell anyone…

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