Monday, June 28, 2010

Hotter Than a Dog!

View from Las Trampas
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I went hiking on Sunday at Las Trampas Regional Wilderness. Las Trampas is one of the many open space areas managed by the East Bay Regional Park District. It was over 100 degrees on the trail today....and I drank almost three liters of water.

On another note, I'm doing pretty well clearing out the fridge, freezer, and pantry so far. As I noted previously, my challenge is to see how long I can survive without going to the grocery store. I was a bit tired after my hike today, so for dinner, I mixed canned tuna with mayo and spread it on crackers. I started cooking some red pasta sauce, using the can of tomatoes from the pantry, half an onion, and garlic. I'll probably have pasta for dinner tomorrow.

I also have some hamburger defrosting. I can't decide whether to mix it with Cream of Mushroom soup and make SOS....or if I should make a hamburger stew with it. I have a few carrots, one potato, and 1.5 onions left, so I'll probably make hamburger stew....that way I'll get more meals out of the hamburger and will make good use of my remaining fresh vegetables.

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