Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life Lessons

The wife and kids are away for the summer, so I am once again the boss of the house!! It's only been two days and I've already learned a few things.

Lesson #1: Dump the water out of the cups before loading them into the dish washer. This will save you the follow-on step of mopping the floor.

Lesson #2: Perhaps it's time to fix the sprinkler system. We've been using these sprinklers that screw into the hose for the last few years because I was too lazy to fix the broken sprinkler. One of the neighborhood kids (possibly related to me) stepped on it and broke the PVC pipe below the ground. Anyway, I went to Home Depot yesterday and bought another cheap screw-in-the-hose sprinkler.

Lesson #3: If you're going to set your refrigerator temp at the coldest setting, do not fill up a glass container full with water and cap it. Today, I noticed a minor flood in the fridge. Apparently the water froze, expanded, and shattered the glass container. I swear I set the fridge at the middle setting....perhaps one of my roommates changed it.

Okay, that's it....I'm sure there will be more lessons learned in the upcoming days and weeks.

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