Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Belated Chinese New Year!

Happy belated Chinese New Year! I would have written this yesterday, but I was busy shopping and packing for my backpacking trip this weekend, and totally forgot. Heading to the Desolation Wilderness for three days of snowshoeing. Oops, sorry for running off on a tangent....back to the topic.

Yesterday, this Chinese lady in the office came over and wished me a happy Chinese New Year. I said, "oh thanks, I didn't know it was today...but I knew it was sometime in February...."

She was surprised I didn't celebrate Chinese New Years. I was like, "duhhh, I'm not Chinese." She said most Asians celebrate the Lunar Year. I said, "wow, didn't know that. I'm fourth generation Japanese-American, so I'm not necessarily aware of all my Asian responsibilities (except bad driving, playing the piano, and being smart)." Just kidding, I didn't really say that.

Okay, so anyway, happy day after Chinese New Years! Coincidentally, we had Chinese take-out for dinner last night. Well, that's assuming kung pao chicken and sweet and sour pork qualifies as Chinese food. I'm thinking it's like calling Chef Boyardee Spaghetti-O's Italian food....but that's another story....

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