Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Belated President's Day

333/365 - Nick & Nora
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Happy belated President's Day! I would have written this yesterday, but I was busy airing out my gear from the weekend trip to the Lava Beds National Monument. I also spent some time putting my gear away. I've been out in the wilderness quite a bit this year and have been leaving my gear at the foot of the bed between trips. My wife calls it lazy, sloppy, messy, and a few other things I can't write in a Rated PG blog. I call it "efficient"....I mean, why put it away when it has to be taken out in a couple weeks again? Anyway, I put my gear away. I've been married long enough to know that an ice axe stuck in the forehead is not a pleasurable sensation....well, it might be for the person delivering the blow...

The theme for my photography project this week is "Detail." The idea is to take a photograph of a portion of something, to show the detail. For today's shot, I snapped Kami's Nick & Nora house slippers. I've never heard of Nick & Nora, but I saw it printed on the button "eyes" and then googled it.

Disclaimer: Although this is a President's Day post, any resemblance of these slippers to the current president is purely coincidental and unintentional. Besides, I think the president has bigger ears....

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