Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Year was 2004

Middle Velma Lake by Wayne-K
Middle Velma Lake, a photo by Wayne-K on Flickr.

I was going through my photo archives the other day and came across some scanned film photos from 2004. Most of my photos back then were shot with my Minolta SLR, an Olympus point and shoot, and a Nikon point and shoot, all film cameras.

I used to always carry a camera on my backpacking trips. It was a constant struggle deciding between the creative control of an SLR or the low size and weight of a point and shoot. Regardless of which camera I carried, it was always a treasured part of my gear.

I also carried my camera on family camping trips and outings. I loved snapping photos of the kids, capturing all of the special moments.

Looking back at these photos from 2004, I realized one thing. I sure sucked as a photographer....horrible compositions, crooked horizons, incorrect exposures, etc. Although I'm somewhat embarrassed now, looking back at those photos, I am glad I took them. The backpacking photos brought back wonderful memories of the views, my companions, and the experiences. The photos of the kids reminded me about how cute and little they were back then.

The photos may not have been the best, but I cherish them nonetheless. It was fun looking through them. I'll have to dig through my box of photos and revive the memories from the last twenty years.

Here are a few more photos from 2004:

On the PCT


Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium

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  1. It is very fun to look back over the years in pictures and see how time has brought lots of changes. Your backpacking shots look great and your kids are adorable.

    while you have grown by leaps and bounds in your photography, I think it's so great to have memories in photo's, even if there are crooked horizon lines and overexposed shots. There is no price one can put on the memories a picture brings with it.