Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fujifilm Pro 400H Film

Since purchasing my Nikon FM2 manual focus camera about nine months ago, it has quickly become my tool of choice. I've been shooting film predominantly since the acquisition, with Ilford XP2 Super 400 or Kodak BW400CN black and white film.

My plan all along was to shoot B&W on film and color in digital (via my Nikon D80). However, I enjoyed my FM2 so much, I decided to try some color film in it. After much research, I selected Fujifilm Pro 400H color negative film. The local camera shop didn't carry any professional color negative films, so I ordered a few rolls through Adorama.

I just developed my first roll of 36 exposures and I am pleased with the results. I love how the film renders skin tones. I also love the relatively low contrast and saturation. I plan on more experimentation with this film and I anticipate the FM2 becoming my primary day-to-day camera, with the Nikon D80 digital SLR focused primarily on sports photography.

Here are a few samples from my first roll. Additional photos were taken on my walk around town with Paisley.

27 November 2011 - A Day in the Life

No Fishing

14 December 2011 - A Day in the Life

17 December 2011 - A Day in the Life

Deep Water

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