Thursday, March 25, 2010

Five Reasons to Get into Photography

As a kid, my photography experience was primarily with the Kodak Instamatic camera, which used 110 film and real flash bulbs (flash cubes).  I later moved to more modern 110 film based cameras (which didn't require flash bulb changes after every shot).  I was introduced to 35mm photography while in college, when my roommate let me borrow his Minolta X-700 manual focus, film SLR.  I knew nothing about SLR cameras, but my roommate gave me the five minute tutorial and I was able to create some nice photos around the beautiful USC campus using the automatic mode.  I remember when the space shuttle Challenger was destroyed on January 28,1986.  I used the Minolta camera to take pictures of the various memorial services being conducted around campus.  I also took pictures of the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the Olympic torch, and the life-sized bronze statues from the 1984 Olympic games.

Since getting my Nikon D80 digital SLR for Father's Day in 2008, my enthusiasm for photography has grown exponentially.  However, as I look around, I've come to realize very few people in my circle of family and friends share my love of photography.  Why is that?  Photography is fun.

Here are five great reasons I think people should get into photography:

Kids: Kids are like weeds.  They grow relatively slowly, just scant millimeters per day, but before you know it, they're huge!  Just look at my brother's backyard if you don't believe me.  Take pictures of the kids throughout their lives and stick it in a photo album.  Before you know it, your kids will be in college and you'll have a cool book of memories.  Crack open the album and you'll be amazed at how fast they really grew.

Impress the Kids: Show your kids pictures of you when you were a kid.  They will be impressed at how buff, skinny, handsome, and pretty you were when you were young.  They'll realize you weren't always old, gray, bald, fat, and wrinkled.

Memory Assistance: They say memory is the second thing to go.  Remember that awesome Camaro you wrecked?  Man, it would have been cool to have a few nice photos of it.

Express Yourself: Photography isn't just for documenting life, it's a form of art.  Can't sketch, draw, or paint?  Origami giving you paper cuts?  No problem, get a camera and take interesting photos of the world around you and keep yourself amused and invigorated with life.

Save Money: Can't afford an Ansel Adams print?  Take your camera to Yosemite and make your own stunning prints.  Wait a second...I spent nearly three thousand dollars on cameras, lenses, and accessories in the last two years and I still don't have a print on the wall.  Hmmmm, what does an Ansel Adams print cost nowadays?

Picture Avoidance: Are you ugly?  Most cameras only take pictures out of the front, so be the photographer and minimize the number of photos you're in.

Okay, that was six reasons to get into photography.  My next blog topic will be five great reasons to learn mathematics.  Anyway, get yourself a camera and go take some photos.  I guarantee you'll have a ton of fun in the process....and you'll get an even bigger kick out of reviewing those pictures with your kids and grand kids twenty years from now.

This ugly dude is camera shy and is clearly in picture avoidance mode....or maybe he's running to get himself a new digital SLR.

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