Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mike Shimansky Pole Vault Meet

Cleared It! by Wayne-K
Cleared It!, a photo by Wayne-K on Flickr.
After shooting film predominantly for the last twelve months, I switched to my digital SLR this spring for the kids’ sports seasons. My son pole vaults for the high school track team and my daughter plays softball in the local recreational league. In the past week, I’ve shot two track meets and a softball game, and I’ve forgotten how long it takes to post-process these photos. While I’ve been up late three nights this week staring at my computer screen and processing photos, my wife ran off with our pool boy. I’m actually just kidding, we don’t have a pool…she ran off with someone else’s pool boy!

Kevin participated in the Mike Shimansky Pole Vault Meet at San Ramon Valley High School today. This is an informal meet, with everyone having a lot of fun, and even the coaches joining in on the vaulting. Since it’s an informal meet, Kevin opened his vaults at 11 feet. He PR’ed (Personal Record) 11 feet several times recently and decided he’d focus his energy on besting 11 feet. Now it takes big cahones to open at one’s PR, but he decided to go big or go home. Unfortunately, today wasn’t his day and he wasn’t the best company for the few hours following the meet. But, no apologies needed. I love intensity, passion, and dedication, and being upset for a less than stellar performance means one has these traits. Besides, I’ve been married for twenty years, so I know how to keep my mouth shut for the drive home when the person in the passenger’s seat is pissed off!

Here are a few photos from today’s action. One of the things I like about these informal meets is I get to photograph from inside the track. This gives me the freedom to get closer to the action and shoot it from perspectives not normally possible from outside the fence.

Nick Clearing the Bar


AVHS Vaulter


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