Thursday, September 27, 2012

Disposable Camera Project

I read this article today on Petapixel regarding a project called "A Day in the Life of a College Through Ten Disposable Cameras Left Around Campus." I then remembered I had a Kodak disposable film camera in the glove compartment of my car. I bought my daughter a “three pack” of disposable cameras a few years ago so she could take pictures on her Outdoor Ed outing at school. She only needed two cameras so I stuck the extra one in the car so I could use it to document the scene of an accident, if I was ever so unlucky to be in one (my Blackberry didn't have a camera at the time).

Now that I’ve rescued this camera from the deep, dark, gloomy glove box, I'm feeling inspired to do a disposable camera project. It will be limited to the 27 exposures in the camera. The camera has been sitting in a hot car for a few years and the film expired last it should make for some interesting photos...

If any of my five blog readers has any ideas for a disposable film project, please e-mail your ideas to me (or leave a comment). I don't think it will be nearly as elaborate as Steve McCurry shooting the the last roll of Kodachrome, but it should be fun nonetheless.

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