Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ready for Another Holiday

Thanksgiving came and went, but the leftovers stuck around! I think I've eaten enough turkey for a year. I'm starting to understand how the cavemen felt after they brought down a big, hairy mammoth. After a month of eating mammoth burgers, mammoth steaks, mammoth meatballs, mammoth soup, braised mammoth, etc. they must have been sick of mammoth. Maybe that's why man invented the fishing rod...he wanted to eat some fish instead.

I had a nice, relaxing four day break from the daily grind called work. Watched a lot of football...and USC demolishing UCLA. The Trojans drove another UCLA coach to the unemployment line....poor guy.

Now, all I can think about is my next holiday. Christmas can't arrive quickly enough....

About the photo: here's a picture of me on this past weekend. My brother came over and force fed me a fair amount of sake on Saturday night....that's what I looked like in the morning.

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