Friday, November 18, 2011

Hello Autumn

Pumpkins by Wayne-K
Pumpkins, a photo by Wayne-K on Flickr.

We seemed to have a long summer this year, with wonderful weather extending into October. Today, however, it was apparent that autumn was officially here. It was a cool and dreary day today, with occasional drizzles.

I planned to shoot some B&W photos with my FM2 camera today, but when I saw the beautiful pumpkins in our front yard, they begged to be captured in color. The orange seemed to brighten up an otherwise gray day. Earlier in the week, I noticed how the kitchen lights lit up the pumpkins in the evening darkness. I decided to wait until the sun set before shooting these little guys.

I like the still life feel to this outdoor image. It just feels like autumn and Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to some time off from work next week...and spending some quality time with the family.

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