Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm Tired

I'm tired!

The week started with a nice hike on Sunday morning. Ruben, Mary, Lyn, Kim, Patrick, and I met at 8:30 AM and headed over to Mount Diablo State Park. It was a wonderful day for a hike and the weather was perfect. A cold front was moving in, bringing cooler temperatures and beautiful clouds (for landscape photos). I shot my FM2 film camera with the 24mm f/2.8 AI-S lens, experimenting with my filters. I plan on posting a few photos once I finish the roll of film. After the hike, we enjoyed a quick beer and I headed home to pack for Dallas.

I spent a restless night in bed and awoke at 3 AM on Monday, so I could catch my 4:13 AM BART train for airport. I drifted in and out of consciousness during the one and a half hour train ride to the San Francisco International Airport...and drifted in and out of consciousness during my three hour flight to Dallas. I spent the rest of the day in meetings and went to dinner with a customer from Guam. I finished off the night staying up too late, drinking beers with the sales team.

On Tuesday, I woke up early for a conference and spent all day struggling to keep my eyelids open. In the evening, we entertained the customers at Top Golf. I didn't swing the club, deciding to focus on eating (great BBQ), drinking, and socializing with my customers and co-workers.

Wednesday started similar to Tuesday, with an early conference start and all day sessions. We had dinner with more customers and finished the late evening with more beer and wine.

I headed into the office today for an 8 AM meeting. Overall, it was a very productive day, but I definitely could have used a few more liters of coffee. After returning to my hotel room, I packed my luggage, in preparation for my departure tomorrow morning. I then relaxed in bed, considering my dinner options. I finally decided to order room service. I rarely order room service, but today, I was too tired to drive anywhere in search of food.

I was torn between the Monterrey Chicken Stack sandwich, a spicy chicken breast on a Jalapeno roll, served with cheese, guacamole, and ancho-mayo....and the Blue Line Cheeseburger, choice ground sirloin, cheese, bacon, mushrooms, and grilled onions. I asked the room service guy for his recommendation. He said the burger was heavier but good and the chicken sandwich was also good. Basically, he said both were good....not much help there! Well, with all my travel recently, I've noticed my slacks and jeans are shrinking. My wife must be washing my clothes in hot water. To compensate, I decided to go with the chicken sandwich...and added a salad.

It's been a long week. As soon as I'm done with this blog entry, I'm logging out of the computer, calling home to say hi to the family, and then going to bed. I'm heading to the airport in the morning to return to California....and I hope to get some rest this weekend. Good night moon. Okay, that was random, but folks with kids should understand...

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  1. Great Self portrait. Sounds as if you were more than ready to be home.

    Good Night Moon.....ahhhh, sweet memories.