Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Self Enlightenment

"You never know where enlightenment may come from. Be always open, on the lookout and ready for it. Usually it is a click, something which falls into place after a long time of gestation. The most unexpected event or person can trigger it off."

-- Robert Muller

After fifteen years of slaving away at a large telecommunications company, they rewarded me with a pink slip and a generous severance package. As a “glass half full” type of person, I saw this as an extremely positive event and an opportunity to pursue a new direction. The first few weeks of “freedom” were spent outdoors, hiking, running, and cycling. Removing the stress and strain of the daily grind provided the opportunity to clear my mind, and focus my thoughts on the right path ahead.

After weeks of thoughtful reflection, I finally understood how I wanted to fill the blank pages in a chapter waiting to be written. With great clarity, I determined I wanted to get back into the government sector, serving our country, and contributing to her security and defense. During my fifteen years in the corporate world, I often longed for the camaraderie, mission focus, and feeling of accomplishment I experienced during my time in the Air Force. While I cherish my experience in the private sector, my days of chasing the buck are hopefully over. I hope to work for an organization that makes decisions based on the needs of our country, rather than the need to meet quarterly revenue targets. I want to work for leaders looking out for our nation's security, rather than executives looking out for their own personal wealth.

It may take some time and perhaps some patience, but I hope to secure a new job that provides greater meaning to my existence. In the meantime, I will focus on the important tasks at hand – coaching my daughter's softball team, running the local trails, hiking, and catching up with old friends.

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