Thursday, May 21, 2015

PGSL Storm - 2015 Senior Division Runner-up

The sun traversed the evening sky, seeking shelter behind the Pleasanton Ridge; signaling the end of another day and the conclusion of another softball season. It's been less than twenty four hours since Storm played Adrenaline for the Pleasanton Girls Softball League (PGSL) Senior Division championship and I lay in bed, with feelings of pride, happiness, and sadness. We lost to a better team last night, but I'm proud of the way the girls played this year. The Storm always played hard, displayed great sportsmanship, and never quit.

The softball season, like life nowadays, seemed to pass by so quickly. I'll miss the excitement of the games, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and most of all, working with the outstanding young women on the team. I'll especially miss the high school seniors who graduate this year and will be moving on to tackle new challenges. I hope they take the positive life-lessons learned during their years in PGSL softball and use it as a foundation for future success in life. Sportsmanship, teamwork, dedication, hard-work, striving for success, and gracefully accepting defeat are a few of the important lessons softball (and all team sports) instill in our young women.

I'm already looking forward to the Spring of 2016. Another season will bring a fresh set of faces and a new set of personalities. After a few post-game beers last night, the head coach and I agreed to lead a team again next year. I can't wait...

2015 Storm - Second Place, PGSL Senior Division

The girls after the game. Win or lose, we wanted them to enjoy the championship game. I think we succeeded.

The Seniors: Mallory, Bianca, Lauren, Megan, and Jenny

Lauren played solid softball all season.

I loved the way the team bonded during the season.

Megan pitching in her final PGSL game.

Morgan was one of two Freshmen on the team this year. She has a bright future ahead of her.

Megan, Kennedy, and Kami.

Jenny and Megan.

The ASA umpires do a great job....when we agree with the call. ;-)

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