Friday, November 21, 2014

Foggy Vision, Clear Mind

Rain was in the forecast for Wednesday, so I adjusted my weekly Monday/Wednesday trail running schedule to Tuesday/Thursday for this past week.  God has an interesting sense of humor, as the rain on Wednesday ended up being a light drizzle and the rain showers arrived on Thursday instead.  This was the third time in the last month that I had the pleasure of running in a steady rain.

I love running in 100 degree heat, 35 degree cold, or pouring rain.  Well, to be honest, I like the challenge of running in the heat, but struggle on longer runs, and I hate the cold and rain.  I do, however, love the heat, cold, and rain because the trails are empty under these conditions, enabling a more serene and peaceful running experience.

As I approached the trailhead to the Pleasanton Ridge, I smiled as I saw the fog blanketing the ridgeline.  It was going to be fun.  I ascended the east-facing side of the ridge slowly, being gentle on my healing Achilles and careful not to slip on the slick clay.  Within a mile, I was in the fog, which got thicker as I approached the ridgeline.  It was a zen-like experience.  The fog clouded my vision, but the serenity cleared my mind.  I was treated to the soothing symphony of the rhythmic pattering of rain and the gentle rustling of leaves, as the wind passed through the trees.  I focused on nothing, but the relaxed breaths of air quietly entering and exiting my body; my mind interrupted only by the occasional California Newt wandering the trail.  I finished the run wet, cold, and entirely relaxed.

Saturday’s weather forecast calls for rain showers -- 70% chance by 7 AM and 90% by 8 AM.  It’s going to be another fun one…

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