Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Wet, Rainy Photo-Run

During my Thursday run in the rain, I wished I had my camera. Although it's a pain carrying a camera on wet runs, the fog and rain create an opportunity for interesting landscape photography. The forecast called for rain again today, so I packed my Panasonic LX5 camera in a fanny pack, keeping it dry under my rain jacket. The LX5 is the perfect trail running camera. The slippery, slimy, sticky mud on the Pleasanton Ridge trails made for a challenging run, so I decided to take a leisurely 20 mile photo-run today.

Here are a few photos from my run.

It was "one step forward and half a step backward" going uphill on the wet, slippery clay trails.

I enjoy running on the single track through the oak trees.

The wet weather brings out the California Newts. The newts blend in with the dirt, so it's always tough avoiding these little guys.

I've run past this arrow dozens of times, but the fog today made for the perfect opportunity to photograph it.

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