Friday, April 12, 2013

Dawn Patrol - My Morning Run on the Ridge

Morning Reflections by Wayne-K
Morning Reflections, a photo by Wayne-K on Flickr.

Last Saturday’s ten mile run on the Pleasanton Ridge was a success, meaning I didn't die or get injured. I focused on long, slow, distance (LSD) and didn't push it too hard. My objective was to finish the distance, without worrying about the time. My running program for the first month will be five miles on Monday, seven miles on Wednesday, and LSD on Saturday; all runs occurring on the Pleasanton Ridge trails. My Saturday LSD runs will increase by two miles per week for four weeks. I plan on assessing my fitness level at the end of the first month and will increase the days and mid-week mileage accordingly.

Kami had a softball game on Wednesday afternoon, so I scheduled my run early in the morning before work. “Dawn Patrol” typically refers to surfers who catch the early morning waves, but I decided a dawn patrol run was needed to squeeze my mid-week training run into my schedule. I started my run up the ridge at 6:30 AM and surprisingly, saw a few mountain bikers descending the ridge as I ascended it. More mountain bikers were enjoying the sunrise at the top of the ridge. I’m new to trail running, but I've noticed the trail runner and mountain biker crowds are a slightly different breed. I love the encouragement and positive energy many of these people offer. I typically run on the roads for the convenience and physical benefits, but trail running is an entirely different experience – it’s almost a spiritual revival. Once I hit the top of the ridge, I spent a few moments enjoying the warm, rising sun. The morning light was beautiful, so I took a few photos of the landscape along the way, capturing the green hills before they inevitably turn brown.

The plan for tomorrow is to complete approximately twelve miles. I mapped an “out and back” route that starts at the Staging Area trailhead, proceeds north along the ridgeline and down the Bay Leaf trail, with the turnaround point at the Sinbad Creek Trail junction.

Here are a few photos from my Wednesday dawn patrol run.

Short Stop to Enjoy the Sunrise

Sunrise on the Ridge

Park Boundary

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