Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Flowing Again

It's only two weeks into my 52 week photo project and I can already feel the creative juices flowing again!

The 365 project I completed in March 2011 was theme based, meaning there would be a theme each week and I would do my best to create an image according to the theme. Since completing the 365 project, I transitioned into more of an opportunistic photographer. On my walks and hikes, I didn't leave the house looking for a photo. Instead, I captured images as they presented themselves to me -- something interesting or something in nice light.

Like the 365 project, my 52 week project is theme based -- and it's forcing me to think about the theme, brainstorm the many possibilities, and consider the best approach for capturing the theme in a photo. Unlike the 365 project, however, I only need one photo per week. This gives me a lot more time to think about and execute the shot. So far, I'm finding this a lot more fun!

About the Photo:

This was my Uncle's camera, a Canon Canonet QL 19 rangefinder (circa. 1965-1970). The rangefinder is a bit dim (and I need to check the meter, shutter, etc.). I hope to find somewhere to get it serviced so I can start using it.

Kami is my lovely, headless, legless model. I decided to compose the shot in this manner to focus the viewer's attention on the camera. Kami is there for context....and besides, who said portraits need to include heads and legs?!

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