Monday, September 12, 2011

Pleasanton Ridge

On Guard by Wayne-K
On Guard, a photo by Wayne-K on Flickr.

The Pleasanton Ridge is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit. I visited it three times this past week alone.

It's become the place I go after work to hike with friends. It's the place where I go trail running, when I need a change of pace from running on the road. It's also the place I visit when I want some solitude, to relax, and to take some pictures of nature. It's a place that's only minutes away, yet seemingly light-years from everything.

Fly on the Wire

Ridge Running Club

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  1. Wayne,

    I am really loving your photo's on your blog. I have been mostly absent of late on Flickr; just not enough time these past many weeks to do it all so I've been doing that which is most pressing most days.

    Your thoughts are always interesting to read and I love the photo's you weave in between the lines of your writing.

    Keep up the great work...both writing and photography!