Sunday, August 7, 2011

Life's Been Busy

Work's been busy lately, I've been traveling a lot, and haven't been home much. In the last few weeks, I've been in Alaska, Texas, Utah, and Idaho, and I will be in Texas for the better part of the next two weeks. But, I've managed to find some time to tend to the important things in and friends.

I got in a few hikes during the week after work and on the weekends. We also had a chance to go kayaking at Shadow Cliffs, enjoying the warm, beautiful weather. The East Bay Regional Parks are wonderful places to spend quality time in nature.

We were even blessed to have family visit from Hawaii. The boys had a blast playing basketball (uncles against the nephews), grilling beef, drinking beer, grilling more beef, doing a walking tour of San Francisco, and grilling even more beef.

Kevin had a couple of basketball tournaments, one in Reno and another in Rocklin (near Sacramento). It was a great excuse to get out of town on mini family vacations. On the way home from Rocklin, we picked up a new addition to our family, Paisley, a cool Golden Retriever. I just finished my roll of film today, so pictures of Paisley are forthcoming.

Life's been busy. I need to win the lottery soon because I'm too busy to work 40 hours per week. Too much fun, not enough time...

15 July 2011 - A Day in the Life

San Francisco Tour Guide


Alcatraz from Pier 39

Riding with Daddy


  1. Wayne, I'm loving the b&w photography you are doing. There is a great photojournalistic feeling to your photo's, which I absolutely love!

    Glad you're squeezing in family time amidst your busy life. Ric has been swamped at work, working evenings and weekends in addition to his normal days. Must be the time of year for businesses to be busy; it's a good thing/bad thing. Good to have a job, bad to have to work so many hours.

    Hang in there and keep shooting through those rolls of film.

  2. Thanks Sandy! B&W film has been a fun learning experience. Busy is mostly good in this bad economy, but I hope things slow down for Ric (just a little).