Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Footwear

Shiny and New
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I'm starting to feel like Imelda Marcos. I ordered some new MSR EVO 22 snowshoes and they arrived today....I love the UPS man! That big brown truck, that handsomely pressed uniform, those socks pulled up to his knees....ooooh, I mean, I love him because he brings me all these cool toys!

Going snow backpacking next weekend and I'm looking forward to testing out these beauties. I don't think it'll be crowded....we'll be in the middle of nowhere....and it's Super Bowl Sunday. I'd be busy watching the game on the flat screen like everyone else, but the Cowboys stunk this year and didn't make it to the dance. So, they'll be watching the big game on the flat screen....and I'll be out in the snow!

The weather has been really nice the last few weeks and I've been taking advantage of it and jogging after work. Here's a shot of the arroyo from my jog this afternoon.

307/365 - Arroyo de Flowing

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