Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 Minutes from Home

The theme for my 365 photography project this week is "Black and White - Ten minutes from Home."  We're supposed to walk, run, bike, drive, fly, etc. for ten minutes and take a B&W picture of whatever we see at the ten minute mark.  At first, I was a bit leery, but I'm actually enjoying the experience.  For one thing, walking around and looking for a photo opp has made me more aware of things in our neighborhood.  Folks have beautiful flowers and interesting gardens, and on some days the clouds are heavenly.

Here's a picture of a beautiful cloud formation over St. Elizabeth Catholic Church.  I would never have captured it if I hadn't walked around the neighborhood looking for it.

I came across this little guy while walking around in the rain yesterday.  There are streaks on the lens from the rain.  I had to wipe the rain off the lens with my t-shirt and apparently didn't do a great job at it....obviously hurrying to snap the picture so I could get home before I got soaked.

I didn't have a chance to walk around today because my son had a track meet after school, but I was able to take a quick snap from the truck after picking up my daughter from school (the wife was driving).  I'm not a big fan of windshield photography...but I was actually pleasantly surprised at the result.

So, whether you're into photography or not, take some time to walk around your neighborhood and smell the roses.  You'll be surprised at the beauty all around us, within ten minutes of your home.

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