Friday, February 5, 2010

Bingo Night

Tonight was Bingo night at Mohr Elementary School.  Bingo is a fun game, enjoyed for decades by people young and old.  There's no strategy or skill involved, with the winner determined purely by the luck of the draw.  It is, however, a game of many emotions, including excitement, anticipation, disappointment, and happiness.

Excitement: There's always a certain level of electricity and excitement in a crowded Bingo room.  I suspect a senior citizen or two has loosened up some dentures while screaming for their last remaining number to be called.

There's nothing more exciting than getting your number called.  This young player is ready to jump out of her seat.

Anticipation: As one's card starts filling up and Bingo is imminent, the feeling of anticipation takes over.

Disappointment: The odds of winning can be low, depending on the number of players and active cards being played.  I've personally been to the Mohr Bingo night several times over the years and have never won a thing.  But, the pizza and nachos are always awesome!

Happiness: Bingo is a roller-coaster of emotions and there's nothing better than the happiness and joy of winning.  Victory is always sweet.  This young player is extremely happy, having won twice tonight.

Unfortunately, this will be the last Mohr Bingo night for this family.  Next year -- Middle School.

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