Sunday, August 24, 2014

Washington State University

Time sure flies!

It seems like yesterday, when the wife mentioned she was prego...and my pending bass boat instantaneously fell out of the budget. Nine months later, we were proud new parents of a healthy baby boy. There was a bit of a learning curve, but diapers quickly transitioned to mother's group, followed by Y-Indian Guides, Little League baseball, CYO and PYB basketball, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, high school basketball, high school track, and DECA. In a blink of an eye, Kevin grew up, graduated from Amador Valley High School, and headed off to Washington State University.

We made the fifteen hour drive up to Pullman, Washington last weekend to deliver Kevin to his new home for the next four years (three and a half?). I'm really excited for Kevin. Although WSU is in BFE, it's a beautiful campus and Pullman is a wonderful, college town. I think he's really going to love his college experience. There's something special about going to a Division 1 school because in addition to a great education, he will get to experience Pac-12 football, basketball, etc. The WSU Cougars have quickly become my second favorite college football team and I will be cheering for them all year, except for 11/1, when the Trojans visit Pullman.

Here are a few photos from our trip.

Kevin's dorm room (Rogers Hall).

We had a nice dinner at Rancho Viejo, our last meal with Kevin in Pullman.

Martin Stadium. WSU did a nice job building a new football complex adjacent to the stadium. It's a first class facility.

While Kevin was getting situated, we took a quick trip to the Steptoe Butte State Park.

There was a cell site on top of the hill at Steptoe Butte SP.

Kami at the WSU visitor center.

Here are a few photos of the Washington landscape....taken from the passenger seat on our drive back to California.

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