Saturday, April 5, 2014

Back on the Trails

My running has been a tough going for the last few months due to injury. I had a decent 2013, but various soft tissue issues impacted my training at end of 2013 and entering into 2014. The injury duration was likely prolonged due to recurring misdiagnosis by Dr. Kodama and a poor treatment plan by Physical Therapist Kodama. I now believe I had Piriformis Syndrome. In layman's terms, a major "pain in the rear." It took months of trial and error, but in retrospect, I seemed to exhibit the classic symptoms -- sharp pain down the leg and significant discomfort while sitting. Thanks to Google, I finally uncovered an advanced piriformis stretch, which reduced the pain dramatically and effectively unlocked my tight hips.

I traveled to Hawaii for business and took a few extra days to spend with family. Running wise, I intended to take advantage of the nice weather and kick start my running program. Before my first run, I was doing my "advanced piriformis stretch" and my brother said, "oh, the pigeon pose." Perhaps I should have started yoga months ago!  We ran four times during my stay, which exceeded my expectations.  I did the pigeon pose every morning and evening, and before and after each run.  After a pain free week of light running, I decided to resume my trail running this week in California.  The weather today was pleasant, perfect for my seven mile route on the Pleasanton Ridge.  My breathing was a bit more labored and my legs a little low on power, but overall it wasn't as bad as I expected.  As I passed a couple hiking up the ridge, the gal said, "you're a stud," and the guy followed with, "we wish we were you."  I love the encouragement I get from hikers, runners, and mountain bikers on the trails!  Any thoughts of walking quickly disappeared and I pushed my way to the top and across the ridgeline to my turnaround point.  After a short pigeon pose stretch at the top, I descended the ridge pain free.  It was a good (re)start to my training program.

While in Hawaii, I went to the parents' house and spent a few moments sorting through a box of my childhood memories.  After accumulating a house full of clutter in California over the last twenty years, the sentimental value associated with the boxes in Hawaii decreased dramatically.  I do, however, cherish the old photos -- particularly my baseball and marathon pictures.  The photo above was from my final marathon, the 1983 Honolulu Marathon.  My first marathon was the 1980 Honolulu Marathon, but I won't share that photo....I'll just say I was a pretty skinny 14 year old...with an era-appropriate hairstyle...and era-appropriate, goofy glasses.  :-)

Below are a few photos from my trip.


Fresh Akule for $4.95 per pound at a market in Chinatown.  Whenever I'm in the islands, I always try to have local seafood.  I travel on business to Hawaii, Guam, and American Samoa, and the fresh, tropical seafood is always incredible.

This is a view of Aloha Tower from an office building on Bishop Street.  I loved the view from the office window.  I had a Mahi Mahi sandwich for lunch that day, blackened with Cajun spices.  The only thing it was missing was a cold beer...

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