Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Autumn Arrives

Fleeing Bush Street by Wayne-K
Fleeing Bush Street, a photo by Wayne-K on Flickr.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas trees are sprouting up around town, deciduous trees are showing their fiery colors, and the temperatures are dropping quickly. Autumn is upon us.

Unexpected work activities delayed my trail run today and I didn't arrive at the Pleasanton Ridge until 3:45 PM. It was clear I would be completing my run in the dark tonight. I threw a long sleeve shirt into the car, planning on carrying it in case I needed it on my run. I exited my car at the start of the run and immediately felt like one of the Korean Airlines pilots who crashed their plane at SFO. Ho Lee Fuk…it was cold! It’s time to break out the gloves and running jacket.

Here are a few autumn photos.

Our twenty pound Thanksgiving turkey. We had the boys, Bryan and Grant, over for Thanksgiving, so we decided to go for a big bird. What’s better than leftover turkey and fixin’s?

Thanksgiving, 2013

We did something new this year and added a little diversity to the Thanksgiving table. These beautiful crab found their way onto the menu. Thank you for your sacrifice, you were yummy.

Crab in a Bowl

We spent a day in the city (San Francisco). This is at Boccalone in the Ferry Building. They are well known for their pig parts.


This guy really wanted Jesus to save the pagans of SF. As I stalked him for a photo, he realized I was photographing him and he stopped and posed for me. So, I snapped his portrait and gave him a thumbs up….and snapped a few more photos of him as he walked around.


Here are three generations of women in front of the Christmas tree at Union Square.

Three Generations

Mother and daughter in front of the tree

Kami and Mia

Grant and Kami inside the Ferry Building

Grant and Kami

Here's my run today, courtesy of Strava.

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