Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Poop Zone

No Poop Zone II
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The neighbor across the street has this sign posted outside his fence. Just out of curiosity, I researched the city municipal codes and technically, it is within a dog's legal right to poop there....his/her owner just has to clean it up.

Here's an excerpt from the municipal code:

7.36.030 Canine defecation—Removal thereof.

A. Any owner of any dog shall have the duty to remove immediately any feces left by such dog on any public place and to dispose of such feces in a sanitary manner.

B. Any owner of any dog in or on a public place shall have in such person’s immediate possession a device, equipment, or container for the picking up and removal of animal feces. For purposes of this section, such device, equipment, or container shall be deemed to be in a person’s immediate possession if such device, equipment, or container is in a person’s hand or is on the person, such as within a pocket.

C. No person shall fail or refuse to show to the chief of police or to any police officer such device or equipment if the device or equipment is not visible.

D. The provisions of subsections B and C of this section shall not apply to any disabled person when the person’s disability requires a dog to accompany the person or to a person using a dog in emergency or rescue activities.

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